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So, I just discovered something quite tragic, yet  completely exciting. What is that, you may ask? Well, just a few seconds ago, I decided to do something I do every time I see a mirror; look in the mirror. No, I am not conceited. Neither am I looking for every single flaw in my face. Although, I do look for a few flaws... hey, I'm sixteen. I have permission to do it. In my mind at least..

ANYWAY, on with the story. I have lost my freckles! This is a huge shock for me, since I have always been the tall girl with a shit load of freckles polluting my face. I use pollute because it was like a damn land mine there. It was a disaster to cover up. Mwahaha. But I realized that the freckles were as much as a part of me, as my height. Without it, I wouldn’t be me. So, since I am freckle-less, I feel like crying. Because now I have lost a part of me. A part I was made fun of for years; a part that I was told that I was lucky to have freckles; a part of me, that completed who Emily Ois was. 

Now, even though I have lost my little bit of identity, doesn’t me I’m still me. It just means that I am growing up. I am shedding the – I don’t know, this will sound quite odd – “carcass” of the old Emily. I have already lost the mentally negative Emily… somewhat. 

K that was a lie. The old Emily is still here. I just try and shove her in a little closet in the furthest section of my mind… I know, I know. That is incredibly unhealthy and I should forget about it. Yea, that would be entirely perfect. I’ll put that on my to do list, RIGHT underneath having my own pet unicorn named Frankfurt, and above growing wings. Like really? It won’t really happen. That Emily, the old me, will always be here. Sure, I’ll have my moments where I am happy. But will I ever be TRULY happy? I mean, I have been bullied all of my life. Do you really think that I can get rid of such horrid memories in a matter of three years? Hell no! it will take so much longer. 
Ohhh, how I hate being a teenager. I just wish that this negativity streak will vanquish by the end of the summer. But will it actually?
Probably not.

“there goes my hero, watch him as he goes…” 


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