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Study, study, study, PROCRASTINATE!
So, it's officially summer today. Therefore, it is officially awesome time. Therefore, I should not feel like shit on the first day of summer, right? Yea, if only life worked out that way. My brother got kicked out last night, then came back later on that night because I called him on the phone, basically balling my eyes out asking him to come back. Then, I got sick. Pretty sure it was from being in the sun for a little bit too long. My bad. So, here I am, soaking in Aloe-vera and solarcaine, wanting to die. Fantastic, right?

Well, I do have some positive news. School's out tomorrow. Pretty psyched for that. I really can't take education well anymore. Nothing excites me. Especially at this time of year. I'm just ready to get out of this place! I really should be studying, but I am too lazy. I'll do it in a minute:) Just have to do some science, basically bomb the damn test, and I'm out drinking with my girls! Bonfire, anyone?

Only 27 days, and I'm out of this foolish, yet incredibly boring province. Calgary is going to be fantastic, and a complete new experience. New people, new friends, possibly new boy? ;) Even if it is for 3 weeks.. oh well!

Aaaah, time to hit those God-forsaken books. Yay science... :(

Peace, out my friends.



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