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Damn you, education.
So, I officially hate my cell phone provider - telus. As of right now, I am currently living with NO CELLULAR DEVICE. Heart breaking, really. They decided to be foolish and not send us my cell phone bill, but the rest of my families came in... Hmm, i feel special. So here I am, cell-phone-less, and in desperate need to text my friends to vent. But, since I can't, I shall vent on here!:) I really hate school. Mainly two of my teachers. My philosophy teacher has to be the biggest idiot who has ever walked the planet. for the past week, i have had to bring my laptop to school, to do a presentation. I was suppose to do it on Friday, and she said it was the official date, and did we? NO. so now, I have to bring it ONCE AGAIN to school, risk getting it stolen again, just to do a fucking 5 minute presentation. No joke, if I don't present on Tuesday, I may just have to throw a fit Now, my other teacher, my careers as a matter of fact, pisses me off. She calls me out for apparently having my phone out... when in reality, it's in my pocket, with many texts waiting to be answered. I am the oh so lucky one who has had the only detention in the ENTIRE class. The all get warnings, but do I? HA no. Plus, she called home and told my parents I am failing, with the projects I had told to her face I need help with. So ridiculously gay. Now, the only positive thing at the moment, is that summer is coming. I am gone for the majority of the summer. Working at Calgary for 3 weeks, cottage for a week, Muskoka Woods for another week, and then I get to go to Warped Tour, and see the most amazing bands ever play. Only about a week and a half until freedom Plus, this summer, I have made the decision to change. Now what shall I change? Well, I am not 100% sure yet. lmao. All I know is that I am becoming more feminine, and perhaps my personality. We'll have to wait and see! Peace out! emilyjanee <3


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